This is  a small dog rescue based in Bradford, West Yorkshire.  Some of the  dogs  are re-homed from their own homes for a variety of reasons. We also find homes for dogs from Romania who have endured hunger, abuse and unimaginable deprivation before being  brought to safety by Kind Romanian rescuers. All the dogs are neutered or spayed, vaccinated and micro chipped and treated for fleas and worms prior to re-homing and all prospective new owners have the dog for a week on home  trial in order to give the dog time to settle.  All prospective new owners are home checked and an adoption fee of £300  applies.

Good foster carers are always needed and will be provided  with everything you need to care for a dog. Being a fosterer is the most rewarding thing you can do if you love  dogs. If you adopt a dog you will give 1 dog a happy, loving home but if you foster a dog you can give a new start to lots of dogs. Some of the dogs are malnourished and frightened, some have been badly treated. As a foster carer you get to watch their confidence return. Could you be one of the special people who puts the wag back in a dogs tail and the spark of life back into their eyes?

                                               IF  YOU WOULD LIKE TO FOSTER OR ADOPT ONE OF THE  DOGS PLEASE RING PIP ON

                                                                 07980 626334   Monday - Saturday, between 09.30 and 5pm.