This handsome lad is called Alfie and he is a pointer approximately  2 years old. Archie is in a shelter in Greece and is looking for a loving home in the UK. He is very loving and friendly with people and other dogs. He has been neutered, fully vaccinated and micro chipped  and has absolutely no health issues whatsoever. Alfie is young and active and will need  training with walking on the lead and recall. He is young and boisterous and may be too much for toddlers. Where he is in Greece there is land that he can run round on, he loves to run.

Alfie will not come to the UK unless I have a definite interest in him as the prospect of weeks in kennels would not suit him at all. He needs someone with a fairly large, fully enclosed garden and  someone who is committed to his training and development.


This  beauty is called Lyla and she is looking for a new home as her owner is very ill and can no longer care for her. Lyla is 12 years old but still very healthy and active.  At the moment she is alone in her home with relatives and neighbours looking after her but being a Staffy she needs company. She is very loving but is strong on the lead and is reactive to other dogs.

Lyla was originally used as a breeding dog until her condition was brought to the attention of the RSPCA who removed her.  Her current owner adopted her and got Lyla spayed and she has been with him for 2 years. 

This is what her owner says about her " Lyla is 12 years old and very active. she is spayed and has good teeth and no health issues. She is vaccinated and has had a recent vet check. Lyla is not suitable to be around very young children due to her boisterous nature only. She is very loving around people and loves couch cuddles. If she is allowed she will sneak into bed with you as well"